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Stump Grinding

If you have a tree recently removed in your yard, you know how much a tree stump can be a nuisance. Tree stumps are unsightly and can cause tripping hazards to anyone especially to kids who love to run freely in your yard. Aside from that, it takes up precious space that could have been used for better purposes. The good news is, Kane Tree Service can get rid of these unwanted stumps in no time. We are the go-to tree company of homeowners in the local area for their stump grinding needs.

Stump grinding is a messy job, but our team can make it seem seamless and straightforward. We employ stump grinding methods that are sure to leave your yard clear of that unwanted stump. Expect the tree stump to be gone for good and your yard will look great again. With the use of our premier stump grinders, that stubborn stump will vanish without the chance of returning. Let us remove that stump in your yard so that you can get back the beauty of your landscape.

We put your safety at the top of our list that is why we make sure to provide premier stump grinding service that is the best of its kind. Our team is highly trained and experienced in the area of stump grinding, so we are confident that no size, age, or species of the stump will ever be too hard for us to grind. After making sure the stump is below the ground, we can replant the area above it with grass or sod so you can maximize the use of your yard again.

Between stump removal and stump grinding, the latter is the more popular way of getting rid of a stump. It is because of the minimal impact it can cause the surrounding area and the inexpensive cost of the service. When it comes to stumping grinding, Kane Tree Service is the best company for the job. We have both the skills and the equipment to make the job possible.

Stump Grinding Experts

If you are looking for an inexpensive and fast way of getting rid of that unsightly stump, stump grinding is the answer. We can use our self-propelled grinders for small-scale residential projects or heavy machinery for commercial properties. Regardless of the size of the stump, you can be assured that the stump will be eliminated efficiently. We give full attention to detail and make sure every area of the job is handled well. Stump grinding is just one of the services we offer as a full-service tree company. Call us and explore other services we provide.

To ensure the quality of our work, we use only the best of the best stump grinders in the market. We never hesitate in buying costly equipment if it means we can provide safe and accurate stump grinding 

    services to our loyal customers. From the moment we step foot in your yard to the time we leave, we can assure you that your safety is considered and your landscape will look beautiful again.

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